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blood and bone

some things will never change

2/6/07 03:09 pm - I CAN FEEL THE BEAT

WELCOME TO MY LJ graphics journal.

All icons/graphics are free to use, but you MUST credit redsixsixtysix somewhere! Comenting also makes it eaiser to keep track, but isn't necesary. Also, please download for your own use to your own server, I really don't have much/any bandwidth for my own server, 'kay?

ENJOY the show.

1/10/07 10:47 pm - AT THE HEART OF THE MATTER

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11/6/06 01:01 am - the most deadly part of the elphant is its eybrows

Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims. The gayest gay to ever gay.
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Comment. Credit.

11/5/06 03:24 pm - hey baby hey baby hey

Icons, icons, icons. Note: spoiler me and die.
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Comment as you like: credit if you please. Resources are here.

Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims and FFXII next.
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8/26/06 07:48 pm - ruybd's awesome sauce art!

Taken from ruybd's awesome sauce art!

RULES: Credit rubyd, redsixsixtysix.
SOURCES are above.
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See You Next time!

7/25/06 06:15 pm - Wow, up-dated.

Trying out this whole scrapbucket system. Bear with me, please.

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Remember! Credit, coment if you want, and enjoy!

4/12/06 09:29 pm - fingertips love wallpapers

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4/4/06 02:59 pm - you say love love love which sounds like blah blah blah

cause what you realy mean is SEX SEX SEXCollapse )

Have I mentioned I'm adicted to this particular pice of heathnish crack? >_>; All Sex Pistols except for the first two banners: 22 icons, 3 banners in total. Usage policy goes here. Some icons reposted for the sake of contiuty or something like it.

3/26/06 03:34 pm - hahahaha...lots and lots and lots of diferent things that've been siting there for...no reason.

'cept I'm lazy sometimes. LE GASP.

anyway. come 'n get em.Collapse )

Rules are at the top. And I'm out.

3/15/06 04:28 pm - giger bases

- Credit the artist, H.R. Geiger. I just cropped them down, so it's not really necessary to credit me. BUT CREDIT HIM.
- Commenting is great. But it's not necessary.
- Hot linking is a bad habit. Like taking a baby's candy.

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More updates to come now that I've uploaded this monstrosity, which is avalible via zip file here.
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